Table of Contents

Get Started


$ yarn add @google/earthengine
$ yarn add @unfolded/earthengine-layers
$ yarn add

Using in Python

The EarthEngineLayer can be used as a plugin layer to pydeck. For more information see pydeck integration.

Using in JavaScript

To use the EarthEngineLayer in your JavaScript application to visualize Earth Engine API objects (such as ee.Image objects):

import {Deck} from '';
import {EarthEngineLayer} from '@unfolded/earthengine-layers';
import ee from '@google/earthengine';

const eeObject = ee.Image('CGIAR/SRTM90_V4');
const visParams = {
  min: 0,
  max: 4000,
  palette: ['006633', 'E5FFCC', '662A00', 'D8D8D8', 'F5F5F5']

new Deck({
  layers: new EarthEngineLayer({eeObject, visParams})

Cloning the Repo

git clone
cd earthengine-layers

Running Examples

You will need a Google client id which has been approved for use with Earth Engine. You also need to make sure you log in with a Google user account which has been approved for use with earth engine. Go here to create a client ID, and add appropriate urls (such as http://localhost:8080 for examples) in the "Authorized JavaScript origins" section.

cd examples/image
EE_CLIENT_ID=<your-client-id-goes-here> yarn start


Building and Testing Code

git clone
cd earthengine-layers
yarn bootstrap
yarn lint
yarn lint fix # Autoformats code
yarn test

Building the Website

To build the website locally (for instance if you are making contributions)

cd website
yarn develop

To build the website for production

cd website
export EE_CLIENT_ID=...
export GoogleMapsAPIKey=...
yarn build
yarn deploy